Piano Interiors

solo piano (2013)
I. Isostasy
II. Glacial Till
III. Susurrus
IV. Intrusive Dike
V. Murmuration

Duration: 13:00

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Program Note

I composed the movements of Piano Interiors as meditations on natural phenomena that I correlate to inner psychological states. “Isostasy,” a state of geological equilibrium, arises from equal pressure above and below. The large boulders left behind after glacial movements constitute “glacial till.” “Susurrus,” the English word for the sound of rustling leaves, comes from the Latin verb “to whisper.” “Intrusive dikes” are discordant geological features, which form as a result of magma being injected into rock fissures. Massive flocks of starlings create “murmurations” when they twist and turn in flight, in unison, creating a visual mathematical phase transition.