Sweet Suite Errata

solo piano (1997)

I. Of all the Lanas Renamed

II. Er Rat Tic Rat Tum

III. To Rush To Race To Wander

IV. Read Kling Read Klang

V. The Best Is No Music Mozart Replide

Duration: 8:00

Recorded on i need no words Neuma 450-109

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Program Note

Suite Sweet Errata is a set of five miniatures inspired by Joan Retallack’s book of poetry ERRATA 5UITE. Retallack uses errata slips from publishers as the source material for her poetry, which references a 5-line musical staff in its form. Each short piece takes Retallack’s “errors” as the starting point for a compositional process that I apply sometimes to fragments of pre-existing works (the Brahms Op. 118 A Major Intermezzo, for example), or that I use to create new material. This piece is dedicated to my son Sam, whose life as a 6-month-old also inspired the piece.